In order of appearance (principal characters are bolded)

MARY YU-RHEE HWANG Narrator; her family owns Lucky Coin Variety
Tico (Tracy) Homeless man and regular customer
JOSH CHUN-HA HWANG Mary’s brother; he is a year younger
Mr. Mills Mary’s 4th grade teacher
Delia (Scarlet) Mary’s former classmate; now a prostitute
OMMA Mary’s mother
APPA Mary’s father
Rubina Mary’s best friend
The Young family Family friends
WILL ALLEN Mary’s teacher and later boyfriend
Mrs. Cha A family friend
Mr. Darcy Mary’s elementary school principal
Leon Pimp
Erin, Linda Mary’s friends
Mrs. Lee A family friend
Susie X (Mona) Prostitute
Mrs. O’Doherty Regular customer
Kun emoh, jageun emoh Mary’s aunts in Korea
JOON-HO (SEAN) A family friend who becomes Mary’s boyfriend
Mi-Ra Mary’s lost aunt
Eun-Jin Mary’s cousin in Korea
Gucci Lady (Mrs. Kim) Mary’s mother’s friend; Kate’s mother
Kate Kim Mary’s first Korean friend
Mato Cab driver and regular customer
Jake Erin’s boyfriend
Dr. Rusaline Elliott Mary’s sociology professor
Morticia and Gomez Mary’s nickname for Joon-Ho’s parents
Mrs. Henry Joon-Ho’s landlady
Allison Roy Lawyer
Ryan Faulkner Police detective
Priya Therapist