Korean word Page English meaning
Omma 8 Mom
Soju 12 A clear distilled Korean drink often made from potatoes, rice, or grains; Mary compares it to vodka
Boricha 13 Tea made from barley
Ai-goo-cham-neh! 16 Common expression comparable to “Oh my goodness!”
Yu-Rhee 19 Mary’s Korean name
Chun-Ha 19 Josh’s Korean name
Jah bali bali jah 32 Go to sleep, quickly quickly, sleep
Anju 41 Korean snacks, often eaten with soju
Sa-rah-ng 42 Love
sahr 42 Uncooked rice
bap 42 Cooked rice
harmony 43 Grandmother
Muh-chang-hee 45 A show-off
Hanbok 47 Traditional Korean clothing
Kun-emoh 49 Older maternal aunt
Jag-eun emoh 49 Younger maternal aunt
Ondol 50 Traditional Korean under-floor heating
Emohs 51 Maternal aunts
Kibun 52 Code of etiquette meant to avoid upsetting someone’s dignity
Kun oni 54 Big sister (from a female’s perspective)
Oni 55 Sister  (from a female’s perspective)
Joon-Ho 59 Sean’s Korean name
Kimchi 62 A traditional Korean side dish made from salted and fermented cabbage and radishes
Ai-goo, ai-goo 63 Common expression comparable to “Goodness gracious” Often said to express frustration, dismay, or exhaustion.
Mar-joom-durah 95 Listen to my words
No-rae-bang 116 Korean-style karaoke
San-sang-neem 126 Teacher
Appa 144 Father
Bibimbap 151 Rice mixed with vegetables, meat, sauce
Bulgoki 151 BBQ marinated slices of beef
Banchan 151 Korean side dishes
Tol 160 A child’s first birthday celebration
Annyeonghaseyo 173 A greeting to say hi
Yak-sok 180 Promise
Jajangmyeon 246 Noodles in a black bean sauce